Road leading to a full blown trade war

Solriche: Brent oil superimposed on world map

“If it really does get to be a big war, we have many more bullets than any of these other countries…”

These bellicose words from US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross are a feature of the US’ approach to trade disputes with friends and foes alike.

Divisions and sudden about turns are also features, causing confusion and contributing to market volatility. Continue reading “Road leading to a full blown trade war”

Brexit: Polling companies, hedge funds and Farage

Bloomberg have published an investigation that implies that Nigel Farage and hedge funds had market moving information from polling companies on the Brexit vote.

Hedge funds paid for access to polling data before it was released to the public. Knowing the likely impact of those polls, these hedge funds were then able to place positions. Continue reading “Brexit: Polling companies, hedge funds and Farage”

Germany’s coalition threatened over EU migration

Merkel’s CDU coalition partner, the CSU, are demanding Merkel reaches a satisfactory agreement over EU asylum policy.

There are profound splits in Europe over migration with East European countries refusing to take in quotas of migrants. Italy has also joined the opposition.

This means it is unlikely there’ll be anything from tomorrow’s emergency European summit to placate the CSU. Continue reading “Germany’s coalition threatened over EU migration”