The German ‘Grand Coalition’ – Dates for the diary

The German ‘Grand Coalition’ negotiations are looking more problematic.

The leaderships of Merkel’s CDU and Schulz’s SPD appear desperate for a ‘Grand Coalition’ deal. However the reluctance of the SPD’s rank and file and Merkel’s increasingly vocal allies, Bavaria‚Äôs CSU, are casting doubt on the outlook for a deal.

Dates for the diary

These are the key dates to watch for in the negotiations

Wednesday 3 January

A Meeting between the three parties to agree the structure for the talks for this Sunday 7 January.

Be attentive to public statements on of policy positions particularly red lines on tax, EU integration, labour policy, health, immigration etc. These will give an indication of how palatable or likely a deal will be…

Sunday 7 January

The start of the proposed talks and more public airing of red line policy positions.

Update: Reuters reports that the parties have, “…agreed on a news blackout during exploratory talks, which are due to finish on Thursday”.

Sunday 21 January

SPD members will vote on a coalition deal if one has been agreed to by the leaderships.

Gary Hollands

Geopolitical analyst Tyga FX